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Based upon a self maintaining Database, with Dynamic Web Page creation, where your link is added and viewable instantly, allowing your link in the Middle East Pages to be found NOW, not 4 weeks from now. The Middle East Pages was designed in March 1996 by NetComm. It has quickly grown to be the largest business directory targeting Middle East based companies and information, divided into 11 country Category Directories :

Middle East Pages :

Bahrain, Egypt, Iran, Iraq, Jordan
Kuwait, Lebanon, Oman, Qatar
Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates

and coming soon....Israel, Palestine, Yemen, and Syria


With a page design similar to that of Yahoo's, you will easily find your way around the Middle East Pages Web site. Search throughout the site for specific information, or browse information by categories, which include business and economy, government, reference, news, regional, and society and culture. Follow the links to Compass Middle East News, the Khaleej Times Newspaper, or Gulf News for current information on business, politics, and more. Reference information at the site includes maps, libraries, and Middle Eastern search engines. And learn about cities like Dubai, Amman, Beirut, Muscat and Cairo. Government information includes information on housing, women's organizations, and social services as well.


In January 1998, approximately 100,000 people visited the Middle East Pages, adding to our loyal base of growing Middle East Pages directory users. CNN Online regularly highlights ( via hyperlinks) The Middle East Pages to complement articles regarding the Middle East.


The Middle East Pages is specifically for Middle Eastern web sites or web sites with affliations to the Middle East. New web sites are added instantly to the chosen section and web publishers are automatically given a password to edit/update their entry when required. The design of the software ensures that the directory is self-running, however, NetComm does employ full-time editors to delete unsuitable sites, strip irrelevant data from the searches, keep the directory up-to-date and answer queries.


1998 will be an exciting time for the Middle East Pages, there are many plans including creating directories for Israel, Palestine, Yemen and Syria, plus adding more and more services for our visitors throughout the year. The Middle East Pages are a central point where visitors can either acquire or be directed to find a range of information regarding the Middle East.

In January 1998, NetComm started by launching enhancements to the service adding the Middle East PeopleDetective , an online e-mail and telephone directory.


When we built the directory,in 1996, It soon became evident that web sites for the Middle East were far and few between. So we began a process of educating via seminars, exhibitions and conferences, bussinessmen in the Middle East, the history, differences between web sites, email, intranets, extranets and the cost-effective uses of the Internet.

Web sites we created include the Government of Dubai, Department of Tourism and Commerce and MAFTelecom. By the end of 1997, the growth was phenomenal, Middle Eastern web sites were now as common as 4 wheel-drive jeeps in Dubai! With the growing number of Middle Eastern sites scattered throughout the web, we have dedicated professionals searching for relevant information on each country to ensure that the Middle East Pages offers visitors the most comprehensive information regarding the Middle East.

Thank you everyone for your comments and feedback. We have based a lot of the new services on your comments, so 1998 should be as exciting for you as it will be for us, providing you with everything you have always wanted at your fingertips !

If you have any criticism or queries regarding the service, please contact us, we want to remain the most helpful and informative business directory in the Middle East with your assistance.

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