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" In 1997, the Web generated leads for $4.2 billion in offline consumer goods and services sales." Computer Retail Week

The choice of media by which to reach your target market has expanded from print, radio and TV to include the Internet.

With millions of people visiting web sites every hour of the day, online advertising has changed advertising from a passive sell to an interactive sell.

Online advertising can be a powerful way of increasing traffic to your web site. The Middle-East-Pages.com offers advertisers the opportunity to share in the success of the Middle-East-Pages.com web site.

A banner advert acts as a signpost to point the way to your site. It provides a wealth of creative scope to enhance your image and raise awareness of your company and your web site. Middle-East-Pages.com offers a range of locations for banners with only a maximum of three advertisers per page view to ensure that your visibility is maximised.

Banner adverts on Middle-East-Pages.com can be targeted at a specific section of the site, a classification or a specific country.

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