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Thank you for your interest in the UAE Internet Pages.

ONLY organisations and information relevant to the MIDDLE EAST or ARAB WORLD will be accepted.

If your site is in the following categories it will NOT be accepted :

1. Not based in the Middle East
2. Has no branch office in the Middle East
3. Does not contain Middle Eastern information
4. Is not relevant to the Arab world
5. Pornographic
6. Anti-religious

NB : Sites are added automatically.
Our editors receive a message regarding every site that is added.
Sites in the above categories are deleted.

TIP : If your company is in one of the above categories and you wish to add your site, please refer to Other Options.

TIP : If you company is an international company with branch offices in the Middle East, that is fine. In your description of your site, remember to give your branch office contact details, so that your site is accepted.

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